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Rated: ASR · Chapter · Thriller/Suspense · #2313117
Brief Drama of a victim of a "Sociopath"
Here is a a start of Thriller

He tried to make her think she was crazy. It is something men have been doing to women since the women began to question the right of men to control their lives.

It started with simple things. Getting access to her home was easy. There is always someone who will sell or give away a tenant's key to someone. If it isn't willingly then the person who wants it can and will use threats.
Just do little things to get her attention. Once she knows he was there but isn't sure, crank it up a bit. Now there is no doubt. So, she has her locks changed. And she starts to tell people. But there is no proof because her spy cameras don't work. She tries everything. But no use. He just keeps getting in.
And on the outside, she keeps seeing the same two trucks, everywhere she goes. Til its too much and she ends up on a pysch ward. So, she sees a Doc. He gives her pills. She tells everyone, oh I'm ok now. I must have been imagining it all. These pills make everything ok. And everything was ok.
But she knew. She was not crazy. Yes she really did hear her voice and her snapping fingers coming from her the wall next to her neighbor. But doctor please some more of these.

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