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Love the glorious ambivalence of agendas - a poem of privilege - an odyssey discussion.
Newness is a consultation,
A vile and sordid amazement  -
A grace flowing freely
From those enamored
With formative cliffs
Of grim violence;
A dove that flies stupendously
Above the glittering measurements
Of an altruistic species;
And the most savage and reliable potency
Promulgating a fervent and delicate charge! 

An open and primitive triumph,
The sound and solvent nursery
Of these needy flowers, plants,
Trees, and shrubs;
The sun, food, soil, and new watering
Producing the maturation
And sale of the actual owners
Of these productive and glorious values;
Hundreds of nascent
And successfully grown varieties
Awaiting a blown-away gardener
Or some accelerated home owner
Looking to create an attractive dwelling
Of increasing value and interest. 

A focused policy of closure,
Not dribbling the basketball
Out of bounds,
For the nation whose awesome,
Patriotic flag symbolizes
A home front for the rights of people,
And the peace of mind
Of a distorted religion of radical enmity
Or mellifluent societal agencies
Of different controlling groups
Of equal, dictatorial, oppressive leaders
At the imperialistic, highest dedications
Of global takeover…

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