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Creating the perfect poem regarding Cupid isn't what happened here.
The Bards Hall Contest
February Slam Cupid Bad Poetry Contest
Lines: 30
Title: Cupid Unleashed: Never a good mishmash.

There was a grotesque old lady
who had never had Love.
Felt it was the job of Cupid from above.
Said He to her very lovingly:
"You've got to be kidding me."
And turned her into David Bowie.

Cupid laughed and wanted to do it again,
He discovered a sad and plump boy named Ben.
"Chubby lad, what causes you to sit and sulk?"
The youth replies, "'Tis because of my bulk."
"Not a worry," said Cupid, all bright with cheer,
With a wave, he turned him into something big that rhythms with cheer.

Happy with his magical might and success,
Cupid wanted to do more, to everyone's fright.
He traveled the land, finding those in woe and distress,
Discovering those who are unknowingly willing despite:
Any rumors, accusations, or charges pressed.
So Cupid put on women's clothing as he got dressed.

His most outstanding achievements would have to be
The day he met the Lightning Hurler himself, Zeus.
He turned his Mom into a silly goose, his Dad into a flea;
As for the King of the Gods, a full glass of Prune Juice.
Both mom and pop thought the action was krass,
When asked what Zeus thought, "This, too, will pass."

Oh, the ruckus he stirred, the trouble he started,
The godling of Love is to spread the joy.
Even Hades wasn't left out, though he guards the Departed.
Cupid caused much damage being a small, naked boy,
When asked why the god of Love did all this, he replied,
"What's Love got to do with it?"

Author: John Petermeier

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