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by Naomi
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A Prose about how I thank God through Nature.

Nature displays the truth, goodness and beauty of the
ONE who brought it into being.

Everyday Nature offers a new and fresh as well as powerful declaration of GOD's glory and
I can see Him through that true beauty.

The radiance of flowers, the mesmerizing sunset, the splendor of the rising sun, the wondrous sea, tweeting of birds, the fruits at the garden... the list is endless and all of these allow me to cultivate a heart most thankful to GOD.

When life seems disordered or chaotic, I can look at NATURE
and feel secure in the presence of The Most High and realize my potentials making me absorb all that life has to offer, allowing me to blossom.

Yes ! The beauty of Nature is all mine to enjoy.

Thank You Lord for Everything.

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