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A poem inspired by a newsfeed post made by Bikerider.
Beneath the shade of a willow's grace,
Two friends reclined, sun dappling their face.
One, muscles still sore, let out a sigh,
"I'm still tired from all the CrossFit this morn, no lie."

The other chuckled, a mischievous glint in their eye,
"It's pronounced 'croissant' and you ate four, tell me no lie."
A sheepish grin spread across the first one's face,
"Guilty as charged, those pastries held a tempting embrace."

"Embrace, ha!" the other teased, "More like a devour,
Left crumbs on your beard, like a sugar-dusted flower."
"Hey," the first one protested, a playful shove in reply,
"Don't judge a carb-lover, reaching for the sky."

Laughter filled the air, light and carefree,
Friendship is a balm for any physical misery.
"Besides," they winked, "cross-fit's a noble quest,
But croissants, my friend, are a delicious test."

The sun dipped low, painting the sky in hues,
As they talked of dreams and life's daily clues.
For even amidst workouts and pastries untold,
True connection bloomed, more precious than gold.

So remember, dear reader, as you savor life's fare,
It's not just the muscles, but the heart we should repair.
For in shared moments, laughter, and sweet, flaky bites,
Friendship's true strength, like sunlight, ignites.

LINE COUNT: 24 Lines
WRITTEN FOR: "*Coffeer*Winner and New Prompt - due 2/6, noon"  
Write a story or poem inspired by this prompt which was inspired by a newsfeed post made by Bikerider.

You must include the following dialogue in your entry:

Character 1: “I’m still tired from all the CrossFit this morning.”

Character 2: “It’s pronounced ‘croissant’ and you ate 4 of them."

REMEMBER to make the prompt lines BOLD and use them as they are - no changes!
One of your genres must be COMEDY
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