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A poem about Neo-Darwinian doctrine.
A sliver of bone in the ancient earth,
Where time-veiled secrets find their birth,
Whispers a tale that science had missed,
A fossil that shatters the Darwinian twist.

No gradual steps, no lineage neat,
A creature of chaos, its form so complete,
With wings where legs once should reside,
And eyes on its tail, where sight might hide.

The journals are buzzing, a discordant choir,
Disbelief and wonder set knowledge afire.
Old paradigms tremble, foundations are frayed,
"Impossible!" some shout, with voices dismayed.

Others embrace the enigma so strange,
A chance to rewrite what we thought wouldn't change.
The halls of debate with fervor ignite,
The search for new answers, day and long night.

The preacher ascends, a light in his gaze,
"See how the Lord works in mysterious ways!
This marvel proclaims His boundless design,
The fallacy of time, a mere mortal sign."

Across the vast cosmos, on planets untold,
Do alien eyes on this chaos behold?
Did they seed this discord, a test of our worth,
A catalyst shaking the cradle of Earth?

Decades slip by in a whirlwind of doubt,
The pieces, unfitting, refuse to work out.
Neo-Darwinian doctrine now hangs in the fray,
The poem of evolution rewritten this day.

And still, from that sliver of unearthed surprise,
New questions ascend, where old certainty lies.
For nature reveals not at any command,
But beckons us onward, with an enigmatic hand.

LINE COUNT: 32 Lines
WRITTEN FOR: "*Pencil*WINNER and NEW PROMPT - Due Friday, Feb 9"  
Write a story or poem in which a discovery is made that disproves (or claims to disprove) the modern (called "neo-Darwinian") view of terrestrial evolution (could be scientific, magical, religious, extraterrestrial, etc). Write, too, about the reactions to that discovery.
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