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Love can be beautiful. Love can be Painful
In the shadows of a love profound,
Where tender whispers softly sound,
A heart entangled, bound in chains,
Swept away by passion's rains.

Oh, the pain that love bestows,
A bittersweet melody it knows.
In the garden of emotions, we roam,
Yet thorns of longing pierce the soul.

A dance with fire, a tempest's grace,
Love's tender touch and fierce embrace.
Yet within the beauty, lies the ache,
A broken heart, a love to wake.

The moonlight weaves a silken thread,
Binding hearts with words unsaid.
A symphony of sighs, a gentle breeze,
Yet beneath the surface, a storm unfreezes.

The Agony of Love, a poignant song,
Echoes of affection that linger long.
A delicate balance, a fragile art,
The pain of loving, a wounded heart.

Through the canvas of the midnight sky,
Stars bear witness to the lover's cry.
The ache of distance, a silent scream,
Yet love persists, a relentless dream.

In the tapestry of love, threads of pain,
A complex weave, a soul's refrain.
Yet within the agony, a beauty lies,
A love that endures, though tears fill eyes.

Let the heartache be a testament,
To love's endurance, its firmament.
For in the pain, a truth is spun,
Love, a journey, never truly done.
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