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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2314159
Pink, Peach, and Purple are messing up my day. Silly take on the prompt.
Pink approached me one bright day
feeling kind of blue,
I asked about the angst she felt,
but of the source she had no clue—
When at that moment Peach appeared
seething red with rage;
her siblings had just been picked from trees
so that cobbler could be made—
Purple arrived then with an issue
that left her bitter and green:
a monarch had come upon the throne,
decreed white was for king and queen—
Plum came soon to give Purple support
and lead charge against the royals,
but Plum was yellow,
and scared of fellows
who were friends of the king and were loyal—
And back came Pink, still feeling blue and maybe even gray,
try as she might, would that she could,
but her feelings would not go away—
And now Peach herself, with mood turned to black
mourned the loss of all of her brothers,
how would she ever go on and on
without the love of family and others--
They came, they cried--they bothered me!
on this bright, fine day!
Because I was green and feeling serene
and their issues were making me gray!
So off I went to find my peace
and occupy a vibrant light—
My ill-tempered friends, and their moody colors
would not, on my mood, be a blight!
And so now here I sit in my sunny space
living my best sweet life!
I’ve left Purple, Pink and Peach behind
and now my day will be alright!
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