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by vapid
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A rewritten radioactive poem
Tim’s glowing green
He was never quite the healthiest
Misanthropic mantras give masses access to heavy metal mist.
Geiger's touch stings
Discovering a new pestilence
The fighters love leaves as they decide the doctor's words lack pertinence

Those kings love rings
Perimeter's no inhibitor
Smell something? arms bend funny, push up daisies with bones like scimitars
Words stuck on wings
Back ache stings three eyes sip vinegar
Glowing corruption of so many swing heavy in the Abattoir

Pooling new hate,
Chafing against safety took your heads
Material credit anew, we're still paying off a lead debt
Zeppelins drop fate
Physics, chemistry, art of the dead
The newest coolant is poolside chlorine for Chernobyl's little friend

Bathtub floaters
Motor boat through contamination
What's down is coming up now emptying a scathing subterranean
Wanted posters
To display something seeming alien
Bottled water only because the wells and pools bubble with uranium

Few extra eyes
Siamese second face developing
Cotard's delusions are more regular, doesn't make it less unsettling
Lord of the flies
Gifts of kafka’s perfect keratin
Shell shocking delusions the youngest growing an exoskeleton

Wine tastes funny
Pool water now used for lengthening
The amphibians turned black but it won’t stop our cheeks from reddening!
Ground leaks honey
Cipactli’s taste buds are deadening.
Grog makes a comeback, but the algae's collage letters come off quite threatening

Whiskey’s true weight
Fruit tastes strange grown in the atrium
Liquidity’s favour doesn’t fail even as other scream est deum
Green glowing freight
psychics place bets in the stadium
the mother of all inventions and ills, all thanks to pools of uranium
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