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Big Daddy Lies All the Time

Big Daddy lied all the time
He was not terribly worried
That his victims would find him.

Decidedly so he thought
All in a rush, the lies come out.

Where he became a legendary figure
He was a cipher, a ghost, an intel operative
A spy, a spook, a secret agent man.

No one knew his real name
Called him Big Daddy
Or his latest covert name.
And he had hundreds
Of cover legends.

He officially did not exist,
As his agency had officially
Terminated him years ago.

He now worked for an agency
That did not exist.
The same agency
That had terminated his legal existence
For matters of national security.

He lived in the shadow lands
Of the third world
In nameless hellhole slums
And dark secret dungeons.

Where he would do what needed
To be done
Killing those that needed killing
At the instructions
Of his unseen masters.

He had so far to go
Before he would see
The end.

“It is time for death”
he said to his victims
like an avenging angel.

Showing no mercy
As he dispatched them,
To the waiting embrace
Of the Grim Reaper.

Staring at them
With his alien, cold, inhumane,
Robotic soulless blue eyes.


Write a story or poem in which the main character is lying.

Include the following phrases, bolded, in any order:

all in a rush
decidedly so
not terribly worried
so far to go

Use Dark as one of your genres.

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