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This is a story about two allies on a grand mission of dark importance.
"We have to make it to the Star Bringer," said Benjamin Turn, wiping the tomato sauce from his lips. "It's the only way to scour the amulet."
"No need to be all in a rush," said Zack Springer, looking puzzled. "How far can we be when there's still so far to go?"
It had been a harrowing journey. Through the city streets, it had seemed as though the perceptions of everyone they knew were changing. No one knew exactly how far they could go, but they were certain that this time was different. Many days before, the Dark Dragon had made the amulet, forging it in the fires of its own teeth. Now, it was only a matter of time before the amulet was scoured, releasing a power that was so strong that the veil between realms would likely be frayed.
These two, Zack and Benjamin, were fighting an uphill battle, decidedly so. Nothing was guaranteed. But if they didn't go, the only guarantee that had was that of their eventual destruction. The powers that were at the time, the Imocriates, were sure to find some way of injecting their poison into this mission. Just as they had done before, during the Dour Wars. They had plotted and schemed, only to find themselves unable to extract that last little bit of concessions they needed. The inter-realm congress was convening that year. It wouldn't take much to convince them of the power of this new amulet. If they were to scour it, their power would be both insurmountable and undeniable.
But where did that leave Zack and Benjamin now? All they had to go on was the words of the old seer. The knew where they had to go: to Star Bringer's lair, the only wizard who had every fallen from hades into the realm of the Open Kalasnet, the normal humans. People were living longer than they ever had. But, without the power of the amulet, there was ultimate disorganization and disruption in the magical realms, which would soon spill over into the human realm. Knowing their mission and its importance, Zack and Benjamin set out.
As they crossed into the Land of Benches, they came to Star Bringer's lair.
It was a small place from the outside, but from the inside it was enormous. Dark. Lit only by the light crystals of the Endents, that sagely race of prosperants.
Upon entering, they were confronted by an elf who asked them a question.
"Who is the king of yesterday?"
"Regret," said Benjamin.
"Are you sure?" said Zack, holding his shoulder.
"I am sure," said Benjamin, assenting but secure in himself.
"Will you seek power once its strength is revealed?" said the elf.
"No," said Zack. "We are just messengers."
"What do you think is wrong with this world?"
"A lack of love," said Zack.
Zack and Benjamin were sent to the Star Bringer, who was not terribly worried and engaged in the act of making the unseen eyes of life.
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