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Stubborn Germans

"Mom, it's time to get ready for our dinner date."

"Ich habe dir bereits gesagt," she replied in her native German, "dass ich nicht mit dir zum Abendessen ausgehen werde."

"I heard what you said. But, you need to get out of the house. Besides, Terry will be here in an hour to pick us up."

"Ich würde heute Abend lieber zu Hause bleiben," she pouted.

"You want to stay in every evening, Mom. It's time to get out and about."

"Suchen," she pointed out the window, "Regen."

"You won't melt in the rain, Mom."

"Wohin gehen wir?"

"To your favorite place. Wear your ruby necklace."

"Mein Rubin? Warum?"

"We have a surprise for you, that's why."

Two hours later, the trio sat at a private table set for four.

"Wer ist der Vierte?"

"You'll see."

"Hallo, Schwester," Onkle Günter said from behind.


"Ja, ich bin zu deinem Geburtstag eingeflogen."

"Ach, du..."

"Ich wollte, dass es eine Überraschung ist. Ich habe dieses Gefühl nicht von dir erwartet."

"She's been withdrawing for months, Onkle Günter. She's been depressed since Tante Wilma passed."

"I do what I can," said Onkle Günter in his broken English. "We go tomorrow to visit the forest. Her emotion will maybe change if she walks among trees."

"Ich gehe morgen mit dir in den Wald, Helga." said Onkle Günter. "Wir wandern wie früher als Kinder."

It was the first time in months, Mom smiled.

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