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Poem address the episode where over 300 people lost their lives in shakahola, kenya


The seer had once prophesied,
Honestly, he proclaimed about the last days.
That they shall be perilous times,
Oh, who knows what's happening?
Who knows what is happening in Kenya?

Some people have changed.
From human to inhuman
Assassinations and executions everywhere
Of innocent souls is heard every day
River Yala has become a damp site
To dispose of the corpse
Oh, who knows what's happening here?

The boastful, ungrateful, and unholy
Are some characters portrayed today
People who mind their welfare
Heartless enough to do illegal business

The bodies are being exhumed daily.
In Kilifi, a place called Shakahola
A so-called "master" without natural affection
Making people to suffer up to death
Confusing eternal life with inhumanity.

Oh, almighty God,
Do you sit and watch these happenings?
Will you leave the "master"
Just go without getting his reward?
These traitors, fierce and false prophets,
Indeed, God, will you just let them go?

These Shakahola operators,
Deny your power and truth,
How could they force innocent Kenyans?
Even the young kids to starve themselves
Up to death for them to see Jesus!
Indeed, they learn daily.
Never to acquire knowledge and truth.

Who will come and rescue the souls?
Souls of those who seek Almighty God
Who will teach them the whole truth?
The fact to save them from bondage
Who will genuinely educate them?
To differentiate cults from true religion?

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