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A poem to one of my alters

Danny my dear old friend,
my sanity you came to defend.
You were born in confusion,
out of my mind's delusion.
We were in a police station,
abandoned by a relation.
My mind had collapsed,
my sanity over-taxed.

You were my hero,
in no place for a kiddo.
You had all the right moves,
unlike the rest of the youths.
True it was what we needed,
but no morals were heeded.
If I had only known,
then maybe I could have grown.

Because while you fought well,
your deeds were a hard sell.
You surpassed your role,
and I paid a heavy toll.
While you ran wild,
inside I was a child.
On and on you trudged,
by the courts we were judged.

Off to prison we went,
even then you weren’t content.
You became quite the player,
I had left not one prayer.
And while you were charming,
it was me they were harming.
My life is out of my hands,
and it seems no one understands

On and on you went,
my life it seemed was spent.
Then one fourth of July,
an altruism we did try.
And you had met your match,
a burning barn on a ranch.
We went to save with no gain,
but charity you did not contain.

Now a new hero appeared,
and he loved what you feared.
And once you took flight,
you were gone from our sight.
But in taking that remedy,
you took with it our memory
The memories of all your deeds,
I thought were lost to the weeds

But after so many years,
and facing so many fears.
You were back to the light,
and now such a delight.
But those memories were now there,
for all of us to share.
We faced them with grace,
no longer in disgrace.

And now once again,
you are my friend.
The reunion long awaited,
your presence no longer hated.
Because now you have feelings,
and have stopped dirty dealings.
Us no longer shattered,
and that is what mattered.

Welcome home, Danny!

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