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How would you feel to wake up in a field of flowers?
My life had always been completely ordinary...until I experienced something extraordinary. It was January and the snow was raging, Frost had coated the windows; and snow piled up against the door, making it impossible for me to leave for work. What was left for me to do was to stare outside the window, to look beyond the chaos of white, with the cup of hot cocoa in my hand. It didn't take long for me to feel the heaviness of my eyes start to droop; how exhausted I was. I sat my cup of hot cocoa on the table in front of the couch that I was sitting on, then wrapped myself in my blanket, waiting to drift off into my world of dreams, with the accompanying sound of the howling wind.

Knock. Knock. Knock. A sound at the door that had caused me to awake from my deep slumber. Irritated I was, unraveling myself from the soft arms of my duvet. Who could be here, at this hour, in such a severe snowstorm? I tried to look out the window to get a peek at this random person, but nothing was visible...I had noticed that the window was completely covered in pure white. As confusion had overwhelmed my thoughts and my brows furrowed, I decided to look out the peek hole through the door.
But again, it was also fully covered in white.

There's no way that snow has completely shunned me inside my own home! how long have I even been asleep for it to pile up so much?? Feeling claustrophobic, I put my hand on the door handle, and I was ready to brace for the impact of snow falling onto my body...

When I pushed the door wide open, with my eyes shut tight, I felt something unexpected. The warmth of the sun caresses my already freezing skin. This sudden change from the cold weather before made my eyes flutter open, to glance and the world that is now.

A field is what I saw, but not just any field. A field full of flowers: yellows, purples, reds, a flower of every kind. The scenery in front of me was so beautiful, and as I already began questioning whether I had perished and entered heaven, I let go of the door handle and started to wander around this green paradise that lay before me.
I ran, and skipped, and hopped, and... of course, even tripped. I stopped now and again to smell the beautiful flowers that had grown in such magnificent patterns across the field. This clear air that occupied my sense of smell was such a delight, it was hard to believe that I was possibly still on earth.

I lay on the soft grass, staring at the sky that slowly started to turn a purple-Ish pink color as the sun began to descend. Then I heard something snap. I jumped at the quick snapping sound; frantically looking behind me for the answer to the cause. Seeing nothing there, I turned my head back, only to be met by two bodies in long white dresses. I slowly glanced upwards at these two figures and was met with one set of green eyes, and another of light brown.

Two gorgeous girls with flower crowns a top of their heads.

A normal reaction would be to flee at two random strangers that have seemingly appeared out of thin air, but their presence seemed so calming that all I could do was look back at them. The girl with green eyes reached out her hand towards me, and I was barely hesitant in taking it. She pulled me up to stand at their level, and the both of them examined my face and were even touching my hair, like somehow my looks were more alien than theirs, even though we are the same species. I think. Next thing I knew, the brown-eyed girl was placing a flower crown on my head, and my soft light blue pajamas that I had on previously, were now replaced with a beautiful white gown that was slightly similar to the girls that stood before me. A two-piece: a top half with long sleeves, my stomach revealing, and a long skirt that was embroidered with various flower and leaf patterns. I felt like a true goddess.

As I admired my new attire, both of the girls softly giggled at my amazement, and then both took my hands, and we ran across the flower field. Laughing, prancing. Just being free. It felt as if this entire moment had been in slow motion.
At some point, we sat under a giant tree to enjoy the shade and relax. We had not said a word to each other since, and I haven't attempted to speak to them at all.

For some reason, it just feels like words were not needed for us to communicate, you could just feel it. So, in my head, I gave both of the girls a name. Elisa was the girl with the green eyes, and Madeline for the girl with the brown. Elisa was currently braiding my hair, while Madeline was busy making more flower crowns as I watched. She then moved closer to me and slipped a neatly crafted ring onto my finger; the ring made from blue myosotis (forget-me-nots) flowers. I smiled at her, and she gave one back to me.

I've learned just how opposite Elisa and Madeline were; while Elisa was more open and joyous towards welcoming me as she was the first to offer a hand upon meeting me for the first time, Madeline was often in her own space; perhaps a little more hesitant towards strangers? But she was kind, nonetheless. As wary as she seemed to be of me, it seemed like it was her duty to befriend and welcome me to this strange, beautiful place.

Once I realized Elisa's hands that were playing around in my hair had suddenly stopped, I turned around to see her up on her feet and staring into the distance. My head tilted slightly at my new friend's sudden change in position, and so I went to make my way over towards her. Once I stood by her side, I could see the distress on her face, which caused me to look towards the same direction she was facing. Though there was not much to look at except the exceptional scenery of flowers and very few trees, I noticed that the wind started to pick up a bit, and then something landed on the tip of my nose. Snow. I looked up to see our once pink sky, since the sun was starting to rise at the time, start to become grayish.

Elisa in a rush, ran past me to grab a hold of Madeline's hand and began to run in the other direction, and I followed them in worry; thinking something bad was about to happen. They stopped in front of a large forest, it was then that Elisa let go of Madeline's hand, allowing Madeline to run into the forest. As I was going to follow, Elisa turned towards me which made me stop in my tracks.

"No" was the first word she spoke ever so gently to me. "But...Why?" I asked, a frown so visible upon my face. She came close to me and whispered,

"you're making it cold", then pressed the tip of her finger onto my forehead, which knocked me out.

I woke up on the couch, in the house of which I thought I left. Everything was the way I had left it, and I was back to wearing my blue pajamas. I took a glance at the window and recognized the familiar snowstorm. The field of which I had once desired was no more. "It was all nothing but a dream" something I told myself as I succumbed to the sheer disappointment of not having experienced that place in reality; and never being able to see my new friends again... failing to realize a small Myosotis flow ring that lied on top of my coffee table.
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