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A woman gets a new telescope so she can snoop on her neighbors.
WC 296

My Celestron-AstroMaster-70AZ telescope arrived from Amazon today. Finally! Yay!

We live in a five-story apartment building across from an identical building. I have tons of people to watch. Call me Snoopy.

I was assembling the stand when my husband walked into our living room.

"So you’re escalating?"

"Oh, Benny, please. It's a harmless vice."

“It’s against the law."

"Go to bed. Be there in a bit."

"I won't wait up," he said, stomping to our bedroom.

As I play with my new toy, I feel like Christopher Reeve in Rear Window…only I'm not a quadriplegic. I zero in on the apartment across from us since the curtains are open and the lights are on. A youngish woman with long blonde hair is sitting in an overstuffed chair reading what appears to be a letter. Suddenly, a man in a bright blue blazer bursts through the front door and attacks her before she can react. She tumbles to the floor.

Our cat, Toodles, trips the light sensor in the living room; the man looks across and sees me watching… just like in the movie.

When the light turns off, the room is plunged into darkness again, but it’s too late. When I look through the telescope, the man is gone, and so is the woman.

Life is imitating art.

I pull the draperies closed, triple lock the front door, and snuggle up next to my sleeping husband while I still can.

The telescope goes back in the morning. My snooping days are over...

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Someone’s pounding on our door. Benny’s snoring; I tiptoe to the door, and peek through the peephole. I see the angry man in the blue blazer.

Gotta go...

I’ll check in with you tomorrow morning…if I’m able.

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