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"Never Enough Cows"
"Never Enough Cows"


“well this is a strange case
up to now
we never had a problem
with so many missing cows.

in fact, we often thought
there were never enough cows.
but now the cows are all gone
where did they go?”

The sheriff told Sam Adams
The consulting paranormal researcher
The Cosmos Institute in Berkeley,
Had sent to investigate
The strange and puzzling case..

Sam and his team went to a field
Where the missing cows had been
Had been grazing the day before..

The Geiger counter-indicated,
A high level of radioactivity
And saw on the edges of the crater
Black rocks that were unusual.

Eyewitnesses had reported
Strange lights in the sky
That night.

Sam concluded

“Well, it looks like a case
of alien abduction to me.”
the aliens took the cows

Why? Who knows
maybe for an alien BBQ
Who can tell
What the aliens are thinking?

That ended the case
Of the Missing Cows”.

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