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A brief look at our nation’s scope - a romantic poem.
Holding falsely, every claim;
Messed up player, halls of shame -
Maybe in the Fall, exclaim,
Present leader is to blame.

Gotta trust and know what’s prime -
Boom or bust, decision time -
May not always be a crime…
Afterwards, it’s on our dime!

Just receive them, villain’s great -
Put a bow on, gift wrap, Mate!
Once accepted, foil a trait,
Treasured outcome, home by freight…

Knowing what we have to do,
Dispatch papers, rummage through -
Bum’s are glum, such actors blue.
Time to sell the team they boo!

Kiss my agent, Dover trash -
In Delaware, they’re making cash.
But now’s the time to try a splash;
Advice so whole, now wheel the stash.

A fated ruin, spiteful run -
Boy, that was mismanaged fun;
Newest journey’s soon begun;
After that, choice will be done!

Know the truth - who’s oh-so pretty.
Father, mother, son proclivity.
Cauldrons jeopardize security -
Betrayed us with such grief, impurity.

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