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Rayne, Her Gray eyes and Soft Lips
I am in love
She’s so gorgeous
She sweet
She’s kind
She’s sexy
Shes caring
She doesn’t judge
She forgives
She loves
She honest
She forgets
She remembers
She’s perfect
Her personality is perfect
Her body is perfect
Shes to good to be true
I dont think there’s another being alive thats as jaw dropping, hot, perfect, sexy, gorgeous, incredible, mind blowing, astonishing, flabbergasting, staggering as this women. Shes amazing, unbelievable, spectacular, awesome, magnificent, extraordinary, marvelous. Gracious, understanding, humanitarian, soft hearted, gentle, loyal, glamorous,
She makes me feel proud about myself
She makes me want to rule the world
She makes me want to live 150 years
She makes me happy and anxiety free
She’s thoughtful and compassionate and polite
She’s so understanding and easy to get along with
She’s special, so special, extra special, cherry on top kind of special
She’s unique and unusual and proud
She’s in my history book
Will you finish my book with me? Complete my story together? And I’ll complete yours?
Do you promise do be with me through thick and thin and never let another man or woman take your love from me?
I do, i promise
Breaking this women’s heart would be like reducing mine to atoms and suffocating my heart and soul
She has a way of deciphering me that nobody else can seem to accomplish or comprehend
I feel connected through the soul with her
She gives me energy
She gives me inspiration
Warmth, spirit, vitality, enthusiasm, intensity, feeling
I feel as if I won
But i don’t want to win unless she has won
I want you to also feel pure pleasure and joy and happiness and warmth and delight and triumph.
I want you to feel ecstasy with me and if i cant give you that then i have failed
There’s no one but you in my mind
Walk with me, through a green field and sunlit sky, listen to the birds chirping and feel the warmth of the sun beating on your skin while the light breeze cools you
Its okay to be scared, I am

I couldn’t do it without you..Brooklynn Rayne
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