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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2315362
Did 2nd Class Spector Joan break the 3rd Law of the Spirit World?
"All rise. This tribunal is now in session. Spectral Master Jacob presiding."

"Be seated. The clerk will read the charge."

"On June 8th, 4074 of the Spectral Age, Specter 2nd Class Joan, claimed a human, Sam,
by arson without the warning required by the 3rd Law of the Spriit World, also causing
the destruction of The Mansion, our historic nest. We seek to block her promotion to 1st
Class, and to strip her of rank."

"Not guilty!" Joan pled.

"The evidence is clear," the Prosecutor began, "as you'll see in this video."

It began with Joan and Sam entering a bedroom, smiling at each other. Their clothes
ending up on the floor, foreplay proceeding on the king sized bed. As they came
together, the Prosecutor paused the video.

"Listen closely, what's next is the classic trap for the unwary," he said, restarting the

Positioning herself on top, Joan whispered in Sam's ear, "Would you prefer hot or cool,
death by fire or ice?"

"The warmer the better," Sam replied.

They got very warm. Joan glowed redder and redder. Sam's scream was blocked by
Joan's kiss. Sam turned to flame and ash. The fire spread to the bed and the entire
room, before the video ended.

"There you have it," the Prosecutor concluded.

"Not quite," Joan began, "That ending was certainly enjoyable, but the prosecution left
some things out," starting another video.

Joan and Sam were already very friendly as they came up the front walk. "You should
know," Joan said, "this place is haunted."

"Sure," Sam laughed, as the video ended.

"Clearly meets the 3rd Law to provide fair warning. Also, sweet Sam left me his
mansion, our new nest."

"Not guilty," Spectral Master Jacob announced. "Welcome to your new rank, 1st Class
Specter Joan."
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