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Angels race through stars, laughter echoing, celestial joy.

In realms above, a heavenly race,
Where angels soar with elegant grace.
Their wings unfurled, a celestial flight,
Through starlit skies, pure and bright.

With shimmering halos, they swiftly glide,
Across the heavens, side by side.
Their laughter echoes, like gentle chimes,
As they embark on their cosmic rhymes.

Through galaxies vast, they swiftly roam,
In search of wonders, to call their own.
They chase the comets, swift and fleet,
Their laughter harmonizing, pure and sweet.

They dance with meteors, in cosmic play,
Leaving trails of stardust along the way.
Their laughter twinkles, like diamond beams,
Creating constellations, in celestial dreams.

They race with planets, in orbits wide,
Spinning and twirling, with celestial pride.
Their laughter swirls, like cosmic streams,
Filling the universe, with joyful themes.

In this celestial chase, they find delight,
Bathing in the radiance of cosmic light.
Their laughter lingers, in celestial space,
A reminder of the beauty of this heavenly race.

So look up to the skies, with awe and glee,
And join the angels in their jubilee.
Let your laughter soar, like celestial art,
As you become a part of this heavenly heart.
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