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Personal opinion, lies can't stand against the test of time.
You’re gonna cry, you’ve fallen down.
Your gonna lie, you’re a no-good clown.
I give up, You won’t back down.
Wear your lies, along with a tearful frown.

The toxicity in your brain
Causing strife is your aim.
Your acid is to blame.
Your life shall go down the drain.

I often wonder how you’ll meet your end.
Maybe you’ll realize that life’s no game of pretend.
Perhaps you’ll actually change my friend.
But until then, you’re nothing more than a bad trend.

I say, mend your ways.
Forgiveness begins within oneself.
Perhaps you’ll finally see,
How dreadful living a lie can be.
Mend your ways.

You’ve wasted my time.
I know the score, and I’ve shut the door.
Yeah, we’ve nothing in common, there’s no more to say.
Get away from me, while you still can.

(Back to the top, repeat)

You’re repugnant, can’t you see?
You’re repugnant, get away from me.
Do it quick, do it now.
I’m fed up with your BS and lies.

Clean up, clean up your act!
Clean up, clean up your act!
Clean up (clean up), clean up (clean up)
Clean up (clean up), clean up (clean up)
Clean up your act!
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