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A poem of self-reflection
In the reflection, a girl meets her gaze,
A journey taken, imperfect but ablaze.
It took some time and she's not flawless, you see,
But here she is, a testament with glee.

Curly locks play, sometimes in disarray,
Products tried, routines every which way.
A difficult task of beauty explored.
None perfect, yet a hue that's adored.

Silver glasses, slightly askew,
Not pristine, but they'll do.
Shielding her eyes from the light,
Atop a nose with its own little fight.

Tender lips, a perpetual grin,
Mom warned of imperfection, yet love stepped in.
Crooked teeth, a feature embraced,
A girlfriend found, judgment erased.

Around her neck, a collar finds its place,
Jewelry lover, adding to her grace.
Necklaces change, an ever-present theme,
In a black dress, she's lost in a dream.

Thrifted tales in cocktail attire,
Leggings on sale, a fashion desire.
Black heels, a subtle lift in her stance,
Not extravagant, just a casual dance.

She wished she could tell the reflection of old,
Never imagined a day where satisfaction would hold.
This is who she craved, who she yearned to be,
She’s not perfect, but hey she’s me.
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