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by Naomi
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Good morning greetings from the Philippines

Good Morning Everyone..

Please call me NAOMI and celebrate life with me in joy, peace and harmony. I have the love and gratitude in my heart with a strong faith deep in my soul.

I fully understand that life is rich and beautiful in every way.
I believe that to affirm and claim God's help even before it is
given is to Receive it, because deep in my soul I know the
abundance of amazing grace is always svailable to me as I
learned to ask, to believe and to receive.

Today, harmony starts to be heard in my heart ss I live fully to the present. I am at ease with myself because I know who I am and love who I am and definitely I am at ease with the world.

They are a sign of life and they are essential for my direction and my growth.

Faith, hope and courage serve as my source of optimism of joy in my wholebeing.

I engrave in my heart thst I am willing and able to embrace great experiences that make my life more worthliving for a most meaningful today and tomorrow. I let my inner light
shines discovering the awesome truth in knowing that the world is so rich with real treasures and these treasures are the beautiful souls and interesting people whom I cross_ path as I go on with my journey called life..

I am grateful for the Most High for giving me an inner beauty that radiates even in difficult times, a sense of confidence with a smile, savoring my wonderful existence.. This smile
deepens and my laughter increases as my heart opens to life's
enrichments that bring me true joy and contentment.

I keep on singing the song of my life:
" Give thanks with a grateful heart " because I wish to thank The Most High for my gift of life and all its essence..

My True Wealth ?
It is about more than money. It is about achieving life by anticipating a blissful experience as I welcome each day with a delightful heart and spirit., expecting life is truly full of pleasant and great surprises.

Life is a magnificent adventure thst offers a breathtaking panorama of Wonderful experiences. I am a blessing to myself and to others and as I put GOD as the center of my life, it makes me proud of my past, secure in my present and sure of my future.

Why ?
Because GOD is with me wherever I go.
Yes !
In GOD I trust.

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