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Evie and Joni break bread at Olive Garden...Things get strange.

I've always thought that my friend of thirty years was a stable person, but after my experience this evening, I’m not sure.

We were having dinner at Olive Garden and out of nowhere, she said, “They are out to get us!” Her Scooby-Doo eyes scanned the restaurant.

“Who's out to get us, Evie?”


I choked on my breadstick.

“Them?” I said after my choking spell.

“Yes, them! Can't you smell them, Joni?”

I sniffed the air and smelled something odd—probably the grated parmesan on my linguini.

“Not really.”

Was Evie delusional?

“They’re everywhere.”


“Yes, them!”

Somehow, we made it to dessert. I inhaled my spumoni. I just wanted to get home.

We parted at our cars. She scanned the parking lot as we hugged goodbye.

“Well, Joni, I hope I see you again.”

“Oh, sure, Evie, we’ll do this again. Soon.”

“Unless they get me. Us.”

I had no comeback, so I got in my car and drove away as fast as I could.

On the way home, all I could think about was getting my friend the professional help she needed.

I slid out of my Chevy and hurried to my front door. I smelled something odd. I scanned the area. There was a strange car parked across the street. The driver was looking my way. There were two men in the back seat.

Them? Maybe Evie isn’t delusional.

Oh, this is crazy!

I unlocked my front door, scanned the interior of the house, and got ready for bed.

After checking all the windows and doors, I double-locked the front door. Then I set up camp in the living room, carving knife in hand…waiting for them.

Just in case.
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