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Our planet filled with life is our treasury, and every life a gift.
Father, sadly you’re long gone.
Our hearts still beat,
You’re sadly a lost memory.
One of many angels in the sky.

Father, you’re a teardrop that has dried.

We all must face the bitterness of the last curtain call.

All and all, you’re just a forgotten memory I can’t recall.

As we learn about living life,
As we grow, we experience strife.
Too much focus spent manifesting death.
Teach us through forgiveness and love.

Yeah, teach us as we grow, what we must know!

We don’t need to embrace hate.
We don’t need our hate to grow.
No bullet can ever replace a life.
Life’s sacred, worth living after all.

We all share this moment within time.
Reason, knowledge, and understanding is key.
Every life’s part of our collective dream.
Teach us though forgiveness and love.

After all, we all must leave behind everything once were called.

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