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“I want to get rid of my shoes””.

““I want to get rid of my shoes””.

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         “I want to get rid of my shoes””.

         Joe said to his best friends one morning.

         That morning, Joe Lewis had woken up after a wild night in the town. He was dimly aware that something had happened to him the night before. he had gone out with his best friends to a party. At the party, they were handing out sample smart shoes for a promotional trial.

         They all got the shoes, wore them home and then strange things began happening to them. He received a strange text message saying,

“          Beware of the shoes, they know what you did last night.”

         He went to the door and saw that his shoes were covered in blood. and he recalled getting into a fight the night before with some strange people who claimed they were aliens. He called his friends, and they all reported getting similar messages.

         but the shoes had other plans. the manufacturer of the shoes was a mysterious new corporation simply called the Future Corporation, Joe and his friends searched the internet for stories about the shoes and found so many mysterious stories about the shoes and the Future Corporation.

         Around noon the doorbell rang. Four mysteriously looking men dressed in black with a pan-ethnic mixed-race look were standing there. They spoke English but with a strange, almost robotic voice. He became afraid as he recognized them as the aliens from the night before.

         “Good morning. Mr. Lewis. We represent the Future Corporation. We are here to recall your shoes at your request. The trial period has ended.

          When he showed them the shoes, which were now cleaned up, the corporation goons took the shoes and ended the conversation in their strange accents,

         "Thank you for your cooperation. We would welcome feedback at our site, but please do not discuss your experience with the shoes with anyone else. We monitor comments and take legal action against defamatory remarks made online. We know where you and your friends work. So be very careful what you say. And thank you again for participating in our trial.”

         Joe laughed thinking it was all some sort of big joke. He went online and read that Joe Lewis had been killed in a fight outside a bar. The shoes were a hot item on the black market and people were being killed for the shoes.

         Joe woke up from his nightmare, and he called his friends, but no one recalled getting the shoes at the party or meeting the alleged aliens. and the Future Corporation had disappeared from the internet.

         He went to the front door where the shoes had disappeared. there was a note,

         “Remember tell no one. We are watching you. Your friends at the Future Corporation.”

New Prompt:

Start your poem or story with the following sentence, and bold it for tomorrow's judge:

I want to get rid of my shoes.

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