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A second attempt at a story of woe turned to glee.In honor of St Patrick's day!
She never wore green not even on St. Patrick's Day
A beautiful and beefy Celtic woman was alone
She was alone when she lay down and when she arose
She was alone when she worked, cooked cleaned, ate, and if and when she played
Playing was rare these days for she carried a heavy weight from day to day

She was so filled with hate that there was no room for play
She hated all mankind for what they had done to her
How they had robbed her, hurt her without a care for her at all
They had cared not for her or her people

She was once a happy Lass, which unfortunately was not to last
One day the sun went black when invaders came ashore
Came to her shores and ran a muck those hateful men
Their blood ran red in the streets that day, the blood of her fellow man
The ones they didn't kill they put on their big ships

They put on their ships to take away as slaves
She ran and hid in the shed and they found her not
She watched from afar as they burned her village with fire and took all they could
She hated them all, she sure did

She came out with those that did survive and wasn't taken alive
They tried to rebuild and they did
She rebuilt everything on the outside and nothing on the inside
She had nothing left on the inside of her so why even bother

She used to wear a lot of green back in the day so long ago , however, vowed never again
She had worn green on St. Patrick's Day and every Sunday to Mass
She loved green at one time she had to confess before her people were massacred
No, never again, she wore green when she had some glee, so now without glee, she just could not.
She lived this way for years and years, until again everything changed which was common with life
Never wearing any green, just lots of black

One day a knock on the door was heard not too loud but heard
She went to the door a puzzled look
At the door was a man, all ragged and grim and covered in slime
She recognized a kinship right away she did
All of the pain melted away almost in an instant
The two spent the rest of their days learning how to love and trust again
They wore a lot of green on St Patrick's day, on Sunday at Mass, on any old day they wanted
Lone and hurt they were not and today as with any day is a good day to wear green, live green, and walk through life green and fresh!

Word count:453 and 36 lines of poetry

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