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The leprechaun, the unicorn, and the fairy have a drink
Title The leprechaun, the unicorn, and the fairy have a drink

34 lines

One night on St Patrick’s Day
The leprechaun was having a pint
Of Guinness in the Rainbow Bar in Dublin,
eating a corned beef and cabbage dinner.

He was debating the fate
Of the world,
with his unicorn friend.

Their mutual enemy,
the evil fairy
Walked into the bar
And joined them
in a not-so-friendly drink.

She pressed him
on the location
of the legendary pot of gold.

Behind the rainbow
and the field of four-leaf clover.

The weary paranoid leprechaun,
looked at the evil fairy
feeling she was up to something.

At a signal from
his bartender friend,
the leprechaun leaped up
and shot the evil fairy.

“I must have my revenge”.

The unicorn not missing a beat,
Called the cops.

He was not going
to take the blame
For the leprechaun's crimes.

include the following bolded

pot of gold
corned beef and cabbage
four-leaf clover
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