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Pinn a borrower, finds himself in a bind. Luckily, his friend Lily is close at hand.
         A vast open field shows a new color with every spring. Trees and flowers return to welcome gathering bees with fresh pollen. New nectar to harvest, this is the time for a new dance and the bees will start soon.

         Freshly solidified butterflies burst through frigid sleep, join the fray and glide through the air like solar-powered paragliders seeking the same bouquet to fill their new form. On a breeze passing over the verdant vastness, one other looks to take stock of the fresh nectar. Pinn, a borrower of simple leaf hat and tunic, skips from stem to grass blade. Eyeing the flowers still untouched.

         Pinn waits on a stem of a nearby flower and makes sure all is clear for the climb up. Reaching the inner petals and cupping the nectar in both hands. A butterfly suddenly lands nearby and makes the flower shake. All Pinn can do is stay still and star at the giant thing. "Stop looking at me." It says as Pinn falls tumbling to the ground.

         On his way back, half way home with the afternoon light seeping down through the heavy tree foliage. A sudden shadow covers Pinn from above. Down in front of him, there glides a girl. A borrower girl, Lily, his best friend. Holding onto a cloth with both hands, slowly making her way to the ground beside him.

"Lily!, you're here!" Pinn says, jumping for joy.

"Yes, and I have something for you. I saw you fall and wanted to help." said Lily.

         As she settles to the ground and opens her pack. Droplets of nectar pour out into Pinn's catch jar, making the day a joyful one for both of them. They head home, hand in hand, eager to taste the festival treats.
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