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The temperature rises in this short story. Writer's Cramp - Winning Entry
“Well, that blizzard is behind us. Looks like it’s the last one of the season.”

The weather lady taps her pointer on a portion of the green screen next to her, where her viewers see a superimposed image of the Chicago area. “CDOT assures us that all highways will be cleared by the morning.”

The head newscaster looks on benevolently from behind his desk. From his vantage point, he can tell she’s not wearing any panties.

He mugs for the camera. “Thank goodness for the storm finally letting up, Penny. These storms always make us grateful for spring.”

“By happenstance, this last storm’s exit is on the eve of my anniversary,” she parlays back, tapping the screen beside her, where her viewers see a map of the lower portion of the state. “An important one, I might add, Kent. Twenty years.”

Kent raises his eyebrows. “That so?” He forgets for a moment that millions of statewide viewers are right now watching him flirt with the weather lady on Channel 3.

“That’s so.” Penny laughs, a melodious sound that fills the studio. She knows what he’s doing.

Kent squirms in his chair, trying to get his mind off of a sudden urge of lust that rushes his loins. Damn his fair coloring. If it wasn’t for the heavy pancake makeup, their audience would see him blush to the roots of his blonde-turning-gray hair.

Shuffling the papers in front of him, he looks at the camera, his mind momentarily blank.

Penny already told him what they were doing to celebrate their anniversary. The details are in a folded note in the left pocket of his suit pants, a note he read thirty seconds before going on air.

A road trip to the southern tip of Illinois. A cabin in the woods. A weekend with her, just the two of them.

No cameras. No on-air toothy smiles.

And no panties.

He flashes a smile for his viewers, warming up for his closing remarks. “A Happy Anniversary to you, Penny. And to your lucky husband.”

Two fingers touch his forehead for his signature farewell. “And good night, Chicago.”


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