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by Grass
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You don't cry because you are weak, you cry because you have been strong too long
The utter cruelty present in every brutal mark across your back

The sob I hear you trying to catch when you are in pain

Why are you holding back? Why do you always have to be strong?

For once could you let me take care of you? Hold you in your pain and let me nurture you

For you have been strong too long hiding behind this heroic facade

For once just let go and let out the grief that has been tearing apart your heavy heart

You don't have to pretend in front of me dear because I would never judge you

Every jagged scar and line, every deep wound and uneven stitch

You see ugliness and unworthiness

I see a beautiful survivor and your tale of courage

Every scar tells a expressive story, that makes you, radiantly you

You went into a cruel battle and fought your way back

You rised from the despicable clutches of evil and survived to tell the tale

You look at me with pleading eyes to stay with you

When I should be looking at you that way

You are in everyway my equal and even more

How could I ever leave someone with such beauty and grace

Someone with such a fighter spirit

Someone who I love with my entire heart

So dear give me your grief for you have been strong so painstakingly long
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