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Poem with 4 verses, non-rhyming, non-metered, not overly edited.
It’s clear now that it was the tip
ping point.
It’s clear now that it was the
end and the beginning.
It’s clear now that I don’t really choose.
It’s clear now that there were equal parts
lite and dark.
That I was moving into Spring,
and he into Autumn, and that death
was our harbinger
my catalyst
his punishment
It’s clear now, how there’s a price to pay
for each wrongdoing

On this day, there is some thing that is so obviously missing and
many things that have stuck around
Mickey Mouse pancakes
How you loved my back muscles
The songs that were the soundtrack of my sentence
Holding your hand like Dante descending
second to seventh circle
Doing wrong

I tipped over out of the dark
and into the harsh harsh light
all of a sudden, lying next to you
In the dead of night
where I moved sssooo
so as to not wake you, and deal with your wrongdoings

There must’ve been an audible
once the decision registered. It felt like
a hand forming a
It felt
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