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by Grass
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If you were to be alone (not in real life)
I walk a narrow path between freedom and captivity

I have fallen prey to my own self, my mind and heart not truly my own anymore

The pain so brutal, I wonder if they ever were mine to begin with

My path lined with progative doorways that lead into possible futures, but all are dark

My soul twirling ribbons of darkness so entertwined, I don't know where one ends and the other begins

I am left without the shining light called hope

Because how can I hope, when I am filled with deep unending sorrow that lingers

The deep urn of unshed tears and loneliness have festered inside me

How can I live to smile, when all I do is suffer in silence

I suffer in silence waiting for someone to notice me, yet I also want to go unnoticed

But instead I linger behind shut doors, left to my own thoughts

Succumbing to the agony present within myself

I would not wish this for my worst enemy

Because the most painful suffering is to suffer in silence

Knowing there is not one to guide you through the difficult times

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