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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2317627
A retelling of a known fable with a different perspective
                   The Smiling Rabbit          

"Hey, turtle. Turtle! I'm talking to you. Are you listening? Hey turtle?"
"I can hear you."
"No need to shout."
"I'm listening."
"To you."
"Good, I was worried your were sleeping. I didn't see you moving. Or it you were, you were moving way to slow to see."
"I am not."
"Not slow, eh? How about a little bet, then? We race to that old stump down the path."
"What's the deal?"
"I was getting to that. The winner gets bragging rights and can claim to be the fastest rabbit, er, animal around. Deal?"
"I think that."
"Would be a one."
"Sided race."
"I am too."
"Fast for you."
"You? Too fast for me? You can't even finish a sentence without pausing. You haven't moved a muscle since I showed up here. I have been pacing circles around you. You have just been staring straight ahead."
"My speed is."
"A hidden talent."
"A hidden talent, eh? O.K., we'll go with that. So, do we have a deal, Mr. Fastlegs?"
"Sure, it's a."
"My kids will."
"Want to watch."
"Their dad."
"Win a race."
"Sure, fine. As long as they understand you will still be at the starting line while I am at home eating carrot cake."
"You coming to the starting line, rabbit?"
"I'm already here, waiting for you."
"I am conserving my energy."
"Hold on, I'm."
"About there."
"I'll start the race, rabbit."
"go daddy."
"we believe."
"In you."
"Hold on. Stop-stop. Cramp. Cramp. Two leg cramps in both legs. I can't even stand. Stop the race. Not fair. I can't run."
"All is."
"Fair in."
"Love and."
"You are winning because I can't run. Re-do! Re-do!"
"I am already here."
"You lost."
"Come children."
"Let's go."
"Tell Mother I."
"Finally won."
"A race. She."
"Will be so."

And this is why the rabbit smiled.

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