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The Smiling Rabbit part of an advance team of enemy aliens preparing to invade the Earth

The Smiling Rabbit

167 words

         Simon the rabbit was an invader from another dimension. He came to Earth through a secret wormhole as part of an advanced team of enemy aliens. They were disguised as ordinary animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, and squirrels, and went about the world spying on unsuspecting humans.

         Simon was the team leader. What they saw made Simon smile. He reported back that the earth people are easy to deceive, that a few large companies and increasingly artificial intelligence bots control their media are writing and disseminating fake news designed to manipulate people and keep the population in constant fear.

         it would be easy for their AI overlord to take over the earth’s primitive technology. it ready for the invasion led by the Khan, the giant rabbits, the master race of the empire.

         Simon was smiling at the thought of the upcoming invasion when a coyote spotted him and had him for breakfast. Simon’s report was never sent and the alien invasion never happened.

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"The Smiling Rabbi

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