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A local provides directions and assistance to get to Bubba's BBQ.
Bubba McDrew

"No sir, now quit yer arguin' there quick like, that jist taint reit,
Keep'in saying that thar mixt up stuff, folks think yer not too bright.
City directions have no place here 'cause they jist don't work here none,
To git to Bubba's Corner BBQ keep followin' the buzzards is the way it's done.

Go to the killing house by the yeller barn down the road a bit,
Beware the four daughters of McCuttley in the white house, jist git,

Soon, turn at the old brown stump with the dead skunk hangin' high,
This next part is very important because it answers the question of why
Bubba's Corner BBQ is not on a corner, it jist sits in the middle of a lot,
With traps and snares everywhere you'd think something could get caught.

Always the Phillip Sure, Bubba once said while settin' hiz traps,
"If'n the BBQ was'n further in the swamp, I'd have more time fer naps."
Settin' up a eatin place on a corner is asking fer sure fire trouble,
The guverment folks could see ol'Bubba, his'in pains be double .

Pay close 'tenshun 'cause I ain't repeatin' myself about ol' Bubba McDrew,
The secret 'gredent of his BBQ ain't no spice, it's his own Home Brew.
If'n the Feds got ahold of this infermation, I'ld be a sad old mourner,
Cause that's why Bubba McDrew's BBQ ain't sitting of a corner/

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