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Introduce yourself, a housemate, and an opposing house member.

1. In an entry, tell us a little about yourself

I’m Theresa. I’ve been on writing.com since May of 2007 - almost 17 years! I share my wdc anniversary with the one and only JACE . Most who know me around here, know that I go by the nickname T. And yes, I did have a massive T made into an image. I started out writing romance novels, which quickly crossed over into Erotica. After entering the Weekly Quickie and winning for a few years, I took it over and ran it for a few years. Judging that contest made me think this genre needed to expand, which led to the opening of "House of Sensual Prose - REOPENING"   by Purple Princess . In 2017, after renting a mechanic garage for 16 years, we decided to buy a building, which had a gas station. What could that hurt, right? Since the gas station opened in 2019, I’ve hardly been on wdc. Thanks to GOT and Lyn's a Witchy Woman here I am, dragging my butt back. My daily joy is my 2 ½ year old granddaughter, Kaia. And let me tell you, that girl is as sharp as a tack and keeps me on my toes. And, of course, I love the color purple, but I am partial to the darker shades.


2. Pick a member from your team and tell us about them
The person on my team I’ve known the longest is Princess Megan Rose 22 Years Megan and I share a passion for Jane Austin, but we really bonded during her "Prince Musical Writing Challenge Contest"   by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years . We love a good romance. She is always encouraging with her reviews. We share a love of pretty merit badges, and trade often when one of us creates a new gem, not that anyone can hold a candle to Megan's creativity in this department. Megan is always ready to jump in and help. She has the kindest heart and is generous to a fault. If you run a fundraiser, you can always count on Megan to step in and donate some fantastic packages. That’s just her nature. Megan thrives on knowing as much as she can about Jane Austin. Megan’s father was in the military and she adores cats! Just look at her trinket collection and you’ll soon discover just how much.
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3. Pick a member from an opposing team

I met Kit while playing Game of Thrones. She stepped into my team effortlessly and stepped up, becoming my partner in crime that year. During that one month, we became fast friends. I quickly discovered her love of Guns n’ Roses. Now, I’m a fan, but Kit puts me to shame. If you didn’t know, she is in a crowd shot! She is still a newlywed and has recently moved to Scotland. She loves her cats. She is a fierce competitor and is generous with her time. I am blown away by her ability to pick herself up, dust herself off, and move forward when life hasn’t been kind. I don’t think Kit realizes the inner strength she possesses, but anyone on WDC who knows her sees it. She runs "Kit's Contest and Awards Group"   by Kit . She is a poet who excels with imagery, and a fantastic writer.

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