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When nobody notices you exist...
Jayne walked down the hallway as students jostled past her. She frowned as the shoulder of a jock bumped her into a row of lockers. Nobody used the lockers anymore, they were said to be a security risk to the school, but the school hadn’t bothered to remove them.

She took a breath and was about to step back into the horde of pimples and teenage sweat when a hand gripped her elbow. She flinched. Nobody ever purposely touched her.

Psst! Follow me!”

Jayne lowered her gaze until she gaped, slack-jawed, at a girl peeking out from a rusty, metal locker door. The girl’s brown eyes were covered by strange goggles. Against her better judgment, Jayne allowed the girl to tug her through the locker door.

“Melinda French, at your service!” the girl curtsied. “I don't like school,” Melinda cheerfully added, directing Jayne down a hidden path in the walls. “We noticed you hate it, too. So we thought we’d ask you to join our club.”

“We?” Jayne nervously licked her lips.

“Yup. Once we figured out your frequency and made these cool glasses we were able to see you quite clearly. Until then, your existence was pure speculation.”

“Are you...aliens?” Jayne whispered.

Melinda laughed. “Sorry to disappoint but, no. We’re just students with super powers. Like you.”

“Super powers?” Jayne rolled her eyes. “I don’t—”

Melinda arched an eyebrow. “You never wondered why nobody notices you? Why you raise your hand in class and the teacher ignores you? Girl, you have the power of invisibility!”


“Just wait until you meet the gang! We have big plans, Jayne. And with your help, we’ll be able to take over the school and later, the world!”

Jayne felt a strange flutter of acceptance in her heart. Finally, she had been seen.

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