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A disappointing morning jog.

Trini tied her running shoes, stood up, stretched, ready to head out for her morning jog. As soon as she stepped outside, the warmth of the morning sun greeted her. She smiled and walked down the path to the sidewalk thinking about the route she would take today.

Trini started her jog at a leisurely pace, the street familiar and comforting. But as she neared the trail to the woods, a shiver of unease ran down her spine. The trail was inviting, its path clear and well-trodden, but the deeper woods held too many chilling tales for her liking.

As she quickened her pace, drawing closer to the woods, she noticed the ground strewn with chicken bones, as if a feast had taken place here the night before. The sight, coupled with the stench of stale beer, was enough to make her turn her nose up in disgust. She rounded the sign that marked the entrance to Hines Woods and decided to head back home. But not before her shoe kicked something hard, sending it rolling a few feet ahead. She slowed, her eyes following the path of the discarded beer bottle, its foamy malt slowly draining from the opening.

With a shake of her head, Trini concluded that this was not the path she wanted to take today. The sight of the litter, a stark reminder of the disrespect some people had for the environment, only served to fuel her annoyance. She thought to herself, 'There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful space marred by the thoughtlessness of others.

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