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by jay
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The similarities of me and my mother in life and relationships.
I am like my mother in many ways including our terrible taste in men looking for love in all the wrong places because we didn't know our self-worth or what it meant to be loved by a man who respects, loves, and honors whom we are, we are two women that sometimes let the little girl in us come out to play when we're triggered for my mom that looks like her cussing you out and calling you all the names we as humans have no business saying as a way to protect herself from others, for me, it seems like people pleasing believing that I had to say yes to everything so people would accept me for who I am or because I am insecure also thinking I had to say yes to everything I didn't want to because nobody would like me if I didn't that little girl believed she had no value other than her service to people, that she wasn't enough Two Souls One Lifetime my mother had me when she was 19years just a child trying to figure herself out and wanting to find her independence but in that, she found me a bridge between life and death my mother a naive child believing their was a such thing as happily ever after. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because I believe in the fairytale happily ever after the princess finds the prince or the princess finds the woman of her dreams. Me and my mother are two individuals fighting two separate wars within ourselves just trying to come back home alive, two souls living in an alternate reality trying to create something better than what we see, hear, smell, and touch. We both like flowers I guess it's because they remind us of freedom and peace going to a place where we can lay in a garden of red roses and pink and purple skies laid bare safe a place where the world can't hurt us that's what I imagine when things get too overwhelming for me I wonder about the place she goes to when things to get much for her people say black women don't have the privilege of pretending because we have the world to carry I say anyone with an imagination can go anywhere they please me and my mom are resilient in that way staying strong even when it seems impossible.

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