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A little Tim Horton, please
Kiya was so busy she couldn’t remember what she had for lunch yesterday. I knew I could remedy that situation, as I was headed to Tim Horton’s anyway. Today, I was craving that blasted turkey sandwich on toasted ciabatta bread, lettuce, and tomatoes, and I constantly swapped that white sauce for some honey mustard. I mean, who doesn’t like honey mustard? Right?

So I hit the drive-thru and ordered two sandwiches, one for me, and one for Kiya. Now the only issue I had was what to drink. Coffee was out of the question, I’d had four already and a fifth would have me bouncing off the walls. I didn’t think Kiya needed a boost either, so, my options became soda or, there it was, blinking at me from the big screen.

“Two medium Raspberry lemonades please.”

With that, I was on my way. With any luck, Kiya would be thrilled that she wouldn’t have to decide what to eat today and that it would be so memorable that she wouldn’t forget it either!

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