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Tom and Helen are eloping
“I’m so happy we decided to elope,” said Tom as a sign flew by reading ‘Exit to Hwy 296 to Las Vegas 28 miles.’

“Me, too,” gushed 19 year old Helen. “Finally, we’ll get to make our own decisions, do what we want to do.”

“I know,” said Tom. “And as soon as we get back we can start looking for an apartment nowhere near our folks. I can’t wait to wake up with you beside me every morning.”

“An apartment? I always dreamed of being carried over the threshold of a new house after we were married. Someplace we can raise our kids. We’ll need more than apartment for that.”

“I love kids,” replied Tom. “You know that. But I thought we’d hold off on starting a family until we had more money socked away. Maybe after I got promoted to manager. Then we could have one or even two, a boy and a girl.”

Helen frowned a bit. “Just a couple of kids? As an only child, I envied your luck in having lots of siblings. Always having a sister or brother to play with or talk to.”

“It also meant loads of arguments and fights. And a constant financial headache for my Mom and Dad. Helen, more than anything I want you to be happy. But I really believe we should start small, like an apartment, then gradually upgrade to a house and then have kids.”

They two glanced at one another as the car passed the ‘Next Exit Hwy 296 to Las Vegas’ sign.

They were silent as the car sped past the exit.

Then Helen faced Tom with tears in her eyes and quietly asked, “Are you sure we’re on the right road?”
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