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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2318562
Faries and lightening bugs meet.
Dusk settled in all around them and it was almost time to take flight. The little ones gathered around, their wings ready to fan out and flutter.

“Alright, my little aviators, ensure all systems are a-go,” the head Mistress instructed, her voice echoing through the fairy academy.

It wouldn’t be long now—just two little tests before taking off. Fairy Flyer 2 tested her purple wings, then lit her bottom, giving it a wiggle-for effect.

Fairy Flyer 7 flitted around her, turning up her nose, the green glow from her bottom twice as bright.

Flyer 22 came up beside 2. “Don’t let her bother you. That light will dim before yours. Wait and see,” she whispered.

Fairy Flyer 2 couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that swamped her mind. She also had the dimmest light, probably because she was so young. She was the youngest in the squad. Most of the Flyers were friendly, helpful, and welcoming. The crew that Flyer 7 belonged to, however, they were mean and refused to help the younger ones learn. They were delighted by the little mishaps, which drove Flyer 2 crazy.

Flyer 2 vowed that when she reached her prime age, she would go out of her way to help any newcomers. They were supposed to be a unified team, going out and spreading joy amongst the world and lighting up warm summer nights with their fluorescent glowing bottoms. For any child that wished for sparkles at night, the crew would show up and fulfill that wish, flitting about, laughing as the little ones chased them and tried to catch them in a jar, though no one wanted to be caught in a suffocating jar. Bad things could happen if you were.

“The little ones are calling. Go make me proud and don’t get caught!” Mistress Flyer said, sending the tiny Fairies off into the night.

Flyer 22 stayed close to 2, circling a backyard with little ones running about, giggling as the yard lit up with the heavenly glow to their delight. She loved these warm nights, making wishes come true and sending the little ones off to pleasant dreamland. There was nothing so satisfying.

As they rounded the big evergreen bush, a little guy jumped out with this jar, lid at the ready, doing his damnedest to catch them. The wind the little guy provided made it easier for Flyer 2 to float right past the jar's opening.


Flyer 2 turned around hoping she didn’t see her friend, 22 captured in that little guy’s jar.

It wasn’t 22, but it was grumpy Flyer 7, flying to the lid and dropping to the bottom of the jar, over and over again.

“Oh, no,” Flyer 2 said.

“We should go, “Flyer 22 whispered.

“We need to help her.”

Flyer 2 called out to the other Fairy Flyers for help. They banded together and encircled the little guy, landing on his arms, and making them flail in surprise. He didn’t like creatures touching him.

As the Flyers swarmed the little guy, he began running, and lost his footing, sending the jar airborne. A loud crash brought the big ones to their feet, scrambling about trying to pick up the sparking glass that caught the light.

Flyer 7 escaped and headed straight for her band.

Fairy Flyer 2 didn’t need a thank you. She’d done her job that night, and tomorrow, she would happily do it all over again.

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