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So close, but yet it all feels so far away
Door #15

Apparently, I'm at a crossroads. Man, are they ever a massive pain in the arse! *Laugh*

If it’s one thing I am, it’s honest, and yes, that rubs people the wrong way. I’m not good at lying, so I don’t see the point in trying.

Who is the most competent team?
The FreeFolk have taken the game by storm. There is nowhere to go they haven’t been. Will this pay off in the end? Well, we will find out soon enough. They appear to have a solid team with everyone working in tandem.

I also see Targaryen giving them a run for their money, er the Throne. There most definitely is a battle going on, you feel it in the forums, post for post.

My kinship will have to stay with House Lannister. Kit and I have been here before. We know what’s expected, and watch as other teams lose steam within the first week. She’s great when I need to vent, and the rest of the members of her House have been supportive.

That’s one of the best things about this grueling game. The friendships you make here, tend to last. You’ve been battling together, against one another, reading, writing, and reviewing so much that the only people who have a clue what it’s really like are the other people involved in the activity.

On a side note, Thank you House Florent for the invite. I know I was late to the game, but I hope I’ve done my part and helped you keep going.

Off to Door #16 for me!!
WC: 264

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