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She didn't let age get in the way of a good walk in the sunshine and a candlelit dinner.
What’s for dinner today?
She asked at half past ten.
“You had breakfast only an hour ago,”
He replied. “Wait an hour, ask me then.”

At half past 11, she snacked on some cheese
And went for a late morning stroll.
She pulled weeds from the garden and picked some tomatoes
Perfect for a casserole.

She laid out lasagna and poured on ricotta
And placed the tomatoes on top.
She warmed up the oven and baked up the dish
And had it at one with soda pop.

Then she went to work on the pile of dishes
And dust and debris by the fridge.
She laundered the clothes and took another walk
Out by the creek with the bridge.

The ducks were enjoying their breadcrumbs
And the turtles were sunning on logs
And she felt energetic and happy
As she held his hand and both hopped like frogs.

Now, it may be we are seventy
And we don’t burn calories quickly - but anyway -
the next morning came, 10:30 - and she grinned.
What’s for dinner today?
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