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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2318736
2 micro fiction stories
Citadel #95

A black cat perched on my windowsill, in a piloerected state, tail extended and stiff, and hair sticking out in every frenzied direction imaginable. I crept closer, heart pounding, needing to see what the stray was afraid of, as a cold chill trickled down my spine. Grasping the curtain, I took a deep breath, preparing myself to find a rabid dog or a fox. Looking out, I noticed the large bird sitting nearby on the driveway.

I tapped the window. “It’s just a bird.”

The Hawk spread its wings and pounced out of nowhere, grabbing the cat and flying off.
WC: 100


I stood at the window, listening and watching my neighbors' insane argument, a daily spectacle. The husband reached for the hose and tried to spray his wife.

“You need cooling off,” he proclaimed.

To that, she took her shoe off and started hitting him, water soaking both parties. I couldn’t contain my laughter at the sight of these two going at it yet again.

A green balloon floated by the window catching my attention. Finding it odd, I went outside to investigate. After one step out the door, I was run over by a little boy, chasing after his treasure.

WC: 100

Prompt 1 -Black Cat
Prompt 2-A green balloon floats by your window.
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