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Gus lives in an old folks home. He likes horses and flowers. What's Taxes?
Dialogue 500 Prompt:

Word Count: 265

“Hi Gus, I’m Cheryl Fluffy, IRS Agent. You’re a hard man to find.”

“Humph. I’m right here, next to the flower bed just watching Darla and Javier build something…”

“We expected to find you at 12345 Allentown Road…”

“Well, I don’t live there anymore. My daughter put me in this home. Say, what’s your name again?”

“Cheryl Fluffy, IRS Agent. Now , Gus…”

“Your last name is Fluffy? Who takes you seriously?”

“Don’t change the topic. According to our records, you owe us $9,000.00 in back taxes.”

“Really? I’ve been living in this old folks’ home for a year now. I can’t possible owe that much in back taxes.”

“I’ve got the tax bill to prove it.”

“Sure you do. I don’t even file my own taxes anymore. My daughter does that for me.”

“You mean to tell me you didn’t see this.”

“Nope. I didn’t sign that piece of paper you’re showing me.”

“It’s your 1040.”

“Sure it is. Looks like a fancy bookkeeping sheet to me. You bet on the horses?”

“No, I don’t bet on horses.”

“You should. I bet on Sweet Nothing last year and won $9,000 on her.”

“Did you claim it on your taxes?”

“I told you, I didn’t do my taxes, my daughter did.”

“This is your bill.”

“Take it up with my daughter. She filled out the paperwork. She signed the whatever form you called it.”


“What Fluffy?”

“That’s Agent Fluffy to you.”

“Then you can call me Mr. Duck.”

“You know what Mr. Duck, I think I’ll talk to your daughter about your taxes.”

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