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Some days, imaginative beats creative.
For Shawn, today’s game was more than just another battle. His team, the Snipers, were playing the Blitzkriegs, the team his ex-girlfriend Mandy was now on. And it was captained by her new boyfriend Nelson. Shawn so wanted to blast the paint out of both of them.

Knowing that the Blitzkriegs’ usual tactics lived up to their name, Shawn expected them to come straight down the middle of the field, spread out and moving forward from cover to cover. So he instructed his soldiers to all circle to the right, up the hill, crawling over the grass and ducking behind trees, with the goal of flanking the enemy, or even getting behind them and picking them off one by one.

The Blitzkriegs, however, anticipated this tactic which led to an intense, concentrated battle confined to one side of the playing area. In a few short minutes Shawn was the last of the Snipers left unhit on the hill. Most of their opponents were also eliminated. But not, it seemed, Mandy and Nelson.

As Shawn inched forward, a slight movement caught his eye twenty meters ahead, and he smiled. He recognized Mandy’s boot. He aimed carefully slightly to the side of the boot, knowing Mandy would leap out to return fire. But he was ready so as soon as she showed herself, he ‘killed’ her.

Feeling victorious, Shawn stood up to gloat, and was immediately hit by Nelson.

“You’re an open book, Shawn,” laughed Mandy. “I knew exactly what you’d do when I showed you my boot. You need to be more creative, like my gorgeous Nelson.”

Suddenly a shot rang out and paint covered Nelson’s back. Shawn’s new love, Patty, came forward from behind Mandy, smiling hugely. “Oh, I think Shawn’s pretty imaginative, and cute, too?”
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