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An archaeological mission inspires wonder - a free verse poem.
We exchange courtesies
For these emphatic gifts,
Through an administration
Penetrating the heightened peaks
Of a known proximity;
The most noble architecture -
Enduring centuries of global conflict;
A service to God and nation.
To excavate the earth…
The valorous gentries
Pursuing the scene
With drilling and mining tools.
A bludgeoning quarter
Questioning the verity of shapes. 

Daytime precepts instill
A perplexing decay;
A deft perusal equals the numerical measurements
Of a vanquished, ancient valley;
The same educated youth
And experienced explorers
Fulfill a togetherness.
A novel and nascent polishing
And sterile discourse;
Afternoons consist
Of an amazing search
For these sure-fire, dedicated designs. 

A superb dwelling
Or detailed crypt;
The exhilaration of a palace
Or dining hall -
A treasure chest of enormous information
Or inspiring artifacts;
Walls exhibiting remarkable sketches
Or writings in an extant
Or extraordinary literary work…
First and foremost,
The well-preserved bones -
Fossils of a prehistoric era -
Noting the incredible existence
Of a unknown winged or land creature
Long before Earth was blessed
By the creation
Of humankind…

Instincts of an archaeological site,
Preternatural minds with loads and volumes
Of heavenly evidence,
Extend the creative and constant capacity
Of these noteworthy, happy seekers…

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